Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

Second Tuesday in each month

Time: 4:00 pm

Where: St. Alban’s, Forster

Minutes of previous meeting are available in the Parish Centres or by contacting the Parish Secretary.  The minutes are not available until they have been ratified at the following meeting. i.e. June minutes would be available following the July meeting.  However anything important or requiring immediate action would be communicated through the Wardens and the Parish News.

General Parish Info

Who you gonna callParish Council that’s who!

For reports or requests regarding maintenance or repairs to buildings and equipment:

Clive Davies Rectors Warden 0412 653 061
Kit Carson Peoples Warden  6554 1409
Judy Hall Peoples Warden & Secretary 6555 3524
Phillip Castle Parish Councillor 0422 036 656
Dennis Ang Parish Councillor  0422 459 549
Heather Dwyer Parish Councillor 6557 5454
Barry Levick Parish Councillor 6554 7433
Suellen Belton Parish Councillor 6554 8264
Peter Board Parish Councillor  0498 085 059
Heather Webster Parish Safety Delegate 6555 3651
  Mission Secretary  
 John Sanderson  Parish Councillor  6557 6462